My First Page

Hello, I’m Jerry Bisboer, and I’m a licensed real estate broker with MB Metro Brokers Realty Oasis in Englewood, CO. I’ve been a residential specialist in this market for 30 years, and I work with buyers, sellers, and investors. I started out as a homebuilder in Chicago in 1976, which is what led me to learn about real estate. In 1992, I moved to Colorado with my wife and kids. I’ve been active with real estate ever since. I’m a licensed REALTOR® and an active member of the Colorado Board of REALTOR®s. I also co-own Meridian Title and Escrow, LLC, which makes the closing process simpler and less costly.

Thanks for stopping by to pay me a visit. I’m always thrilled to help everyone learn how they can overcome any obstacle with the insights I provide. I’ve always been dedicated to finding ways to help others to achieve my own goals. When I started out as a builder in 1976, I was fresh out of high school and eager to learn as much as I could about my clients’ needs for building a home. The more I learned, the more I learned about real estate. Then one day, someone told me, “There’s more money in selling ditches than digging them.” That’s when it dawned on me that I could do far more for my clients and for my family as a licensed real estate agent.

I dedicated myself to this end and went the extra mile to become certified by the National Association of REALTOR®s. Their strict Code of Ethics requires us to pledge loyalty and responsibility to and for our clients. It also governs the rules of fair play with other agents. This resonates with me. I’ve never stopped finding new ways to help my clients overcome the obstacles in their path. I learned quickly that I couldn’t do this alone. Over the last 30 years, I’ve built a team of trusted real estate professionals to help me provide the smoothest experience for my clients from start to finish. This includes home inspectors, contractors, landscapers, handymen, and even mortgage brokers and title companies. I now co-own Meridian title and Escrow, LLC., which is part of my “back office” transaction coordination team. This ensures every deal is on track to a quick and smooth close.